AML/BSA Officer

With increased scrutiny being applied to mule accounts and their role in facilitating fraud, human and drug trafficking, terrorism, and other egregious crimes, the role of the AML/BSA Officer carries significant responsibility. From transaction monitoring and customer due diligence/enhanced due diligence to navigating a complex web of regulatory requirements, maintaining an effective anti-money laundering program is necessary to reduce financial, reputational, and regulatory risks.

The AML/BSA Officer Perspective

One of the biggest challenges in your role is your lack of visibility leading to difficulty in performing identity verification, detecting patterns of money laundering among extremely high volumes of transactions, and confidently identifying the true source/location of incoming digital traffic. You rely on data to do your job effectively, but understanding what can be shared within and outside the organization is sometimes not even clear. You know there must be a better way.


Improve Response and Investigation

You know every additional day your team spends on an investigation increases financial risk to your organization. And you are not alone. Nearly 70% of fraud and AML leaders cite the number of days spent on AML investigations increased in the last year. Download the latest report from Forrester Research and learn what is driving the need for fraud and AML teams to become more unified and opportunities that exist across people, process, and technology to improve response and investigation.

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Disrupt Mule Operations Early

You know that with better data sharing, collaboration with your fraud team, and new technology, mule accounts could be caught further upstream, saving your team valuable time and resources. Find out how one bank used behavioral and device intelligence to disrupt mule operations and stop over 90% of fraudulent payments.

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Gain Unlimited Visibility into Money Laundering Networks

You have vast amounts of data to support your investigations, but it lies in multiple systems and spreadsheets. Making the connections between the data is what slows most of your investigations down. BioCatch Scout helps you bring criminal networks to life, taking mule detection and investigation to the next level. Find out how you can gain unparalleled visibility into the vast networks of connected accounts, devices, and individuals involved in money laundering operations.

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Better Visibility with Behavioral Intelligence

98 %

active mule accounts recognized before existing controls

70 %

mule accounts identified before first incoming transfer

30 %

reduction in false positive rates

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