Digital Channels 

In this era marked by soaring usage of mobile banking apps and online platforms, it's imperative for financial institutions to concentrate
on expanding digital services while ensuring a seamless, user-friendly interface. Representing your brand and values, the customer
experience on your digital channels is paramount. Issues like slow loading times, excessive security checks, or transaction failures not only
harm customer trust but can also lead to account migration to competing banks.

Digital Channels Leader

You recently launched a new portfolio of digital services to your retail banking customers and are about to embark on the biggest marketing campaign of the year. You have lofty acquisition goals and new revenue targets to achieve.  In an uncertain global economy, the pressure to perform is more real than ever. As part of the planning process, fraud management leaders have expressed concern about the controls that are in place to prevent application fraud. A competitor had the misfortune of finding out the hard way after launching an aggressive campaign with referral bonuses that resulted in massive bot activity and over 10% of new accounts being opened with stolen or synthetic identities. You place a high value on security, but the onboarding process must go off without a hitch. Even the slightest bit of friction can lead to an abandoned application. You sit down and listen to their concerns.

The Digital Line of Business Perspective


Increase Customer Acquisition and Grow Revenue

You live and breathe customer experience, but you know you can’t afford to have your bank be the next target of an application fraud attack. You are aware of the threats that exist during the onboarding process – bots, mobile emulators, stolen and synthetic identities. But fraud detection controls can’t impact the customer experience. Discover how behavioral biometrics can reduce fraud risk in the customer onboarding process and minimize high-friction interactions so you can focus on growing revenue.

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Support Fast and Convenient Payments

Your customers want access to the latest banking technology, especially the ability to move funds quickly. You have delivered on your promise of convenience by offering a variety of faster payment options. But convenience can come at a cost of significant fraud losses if the right controls are not in place to stop it. Uncover best practices some financial institutions are using to protect faster payment rails without breaking the budget.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

You spend a lot of time monitoring the competitive landscape and staying up-to-date on the latest financial technology. Delivering customer value and winning market share is what you live for. When it comes to mobile applications and customer experience, you have that down. But when it comes to security and fraud prevention, device and behavioral intelligence solutions is not the language you speak despite being a critical part of every new product you launch. Learn about the leading vendor offerings and strategies to help you make a more informed decision in selecting the right technology partner for your business.

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Proven Technology With Visible Results

40 %

Improvement in customer experience

28 %

Faster user account verification

70 %

Detection of new accounts as mules prior to first incoming payment

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