Beyond a risk score, providing the logic that simplifies integration of the BioCatch solution

Easily create and manage security rules based on behavioral insights

BioCatch Rule Manager, a component of the BioCatch platform, allows fraud analysts and operations teams to easily create rules based on risk level using BioCatch Rule Manager offers flexibility in establishing the behavioral risk scores and other BioCatch system outputs. Actions that should occur if the user behavior inside a session triggers a predefined condition. Fraud analysts benefit from logic that mitigates fraud in real-time, simplifies back-end operations and assists with gathering data for proactive, investigative analysis.  

The Rule Manager allows for two types of decisioning: 

  • Activity - action outcomes that are triggered based on user behavior during a user session, for example, if the user behavior inside the session is deemed to be risky and triggers a Decline action, the transaction can be stopped. 
  • Session - rules that analyze user behavior at the end of a user session, for example, to determine if a disproportionate number of risky transactions are coming from a particular country or region. A Session-Level rule lets you proactively investigate user sessions using a broad set of conditions and parameters. 

Creating rules using the BioCatch Rule Manager is easy. After configuring the rule’s conditionsfraud operators and analysts can trigger policy, score, alert, and custom action outcomesBuilt-in administration tools make it seamless to manage and archive policies. Accessible functions allow for archiving, editing and deleting policies, and support both administrator and user level access rights. 



Real-time Fraud Prevention

Initiate immediate action in response to criminal activity, such as declining transactions or triggering additional authentication when risk is high.  

Security Without Compromise

Introduce customized user experiences based on risk level to ensure genuine customers can bank without friction and overhead costs are reduced.   

Optimized Fraud Operations

Assist with data gathering for proactive investigations and ensure critical stakeholders are notified of potentially fraudulent activity as soon as it occurs.