Social Engineering Scam Detection

Spot the scam: Protect your customers from authorized payment fraud

Fraud from social engineering scams increased 57% last year. These scams are increasingly difficult to detect as the genuine user is deceived into making a payment. Behavioral biometrics looks beyond what legacy fraud controls can see to build a picture of a user’s emotions or intention during a session to identify real-time social engineering scams.

Stop scammers in real-time

Typing speed, swipe patterns, and every click of the mouse tell a story – one of cybercriminal activity or genuine user behavior. Even if a criminal tricks a legitimate customer into authorizing a payment, behavioral biometrics can quickly spot behavior patterns that indicate a financial scam may be in progress.

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Trusted by leading institutions across the globe

"Behavioral biometric technology is a key strategic capability to protect our customers from the risk of fraud. BioCatch is a leader in this space and HSBC is looking forward to strengthening its partnership through this investment and through its role as part of the company’s newly formed Client Innovation Board.”

Richard Harvey
Group Head of Retail Banking Products at HSBC

“Banks in Latin America face significant challenges coming from data breaches, mobile malware, banking Trojans and other cybercrime threats that are more often than not, homegrown. Solutions like BioCatch’s behavioral biometrics technology helps us to manage these threats while enabling a good user experience online, which is very important for us to compete in today’s economy. We have experienced first-hand the significant return on investment that BioCatch provides and this comes from not only catching the fraud that traditional solutions miss, but from reducing the operational costs and lost customer revenue that comes from too much disruption in the digital channel.”

Rodrigo Colossi
IT Superintendent of Brazil’s Itau Unibanco

“BioCatch is unique in focusing on behavior as a predictive tool to prevent online fraud and as a result can draw on a comprehensive data set to keep people safe. We’re looking forward to working with BioCatch and the innovation board members to further protect our customers and come up with innovative ways to stop fraud.”

Hilda Jenkins
Head of Customer for Digital Channels & Platforms across Mobile, Web & API at Barclays

“We invest heavily in the latest cyber security and fraud detection capabilities to protect our customers. In using device behavioral biometrics from BioCatch, we’re able to bolster our efforts to proactively detect fraud before the transfer of funds occurs, reducing the financial and emotional impact of scams for our customers.”

Chris Sheehan
GM Group Investigations and Fraud, NAB

“The BioCatch Client Innovation Board is a novel, industry-led initiative focused on online behavior, which is a powerful method to protect banking customers and other internet users from online fraud. Particularly as many businesses moved online with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, preventing digital fraud has become more important than ever. We are very excited to join the effort and continue to support BioCatch both as an investor and Client Innovation Board member.”

Dana Eli-Lorch
Managing Director at American Express Ventures

"BioCatch is defining a novel category in digital engagements and has an impressive success record in the financial industry.”

Ornit Shinar
Head of Ventures Investments in Citi Israel

“Our customers love how easy it is to bank with 86 400, including our incredibly fast onboarding experience. Partnering with a fellow tech innovator like BioCatch gives us best-in-class protection from impersonation fraud, without compromising our market-leading experience – particularly our two-minute onboarding for new customers.”

Guy Harding CRO
86 400

“The technology that we’ve been able to deploy with the help of BioCatch has played a crucial role in strengthening our security systems. The breadth of behavioural biometrics that BioCatch technology can monitor is really impressive and we’ve already seen many examples of it alerting us to suspicious activity and protecting our customers from fraud.”

Simon McNamara
Chief Administrative Officer of NatWest

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