The biocatch platform

Not all behavioral biometrics solutions are created equal.

The BioCatch Platform

BioCatch’s solution is designed to protect identities online while providing digital and mobile users with a frictionless experience. The platform uses behavioral biometrics to analyze user-device and user-application interactions, passively authenticating users and preventing fraud in real-time.

The technology monitors more than 2,000 behavioral parameters of user interactions online and generates real-time risk scores to identify cybersecurity threats. Patented techniques, like Invisible Challenges, help to further distinguish a real user from an impostor, whether human or non-human (bot, malware, aggregator, etc.)

The BioCatch platform is made up of several easy to implement components that enable behavioral data collection from web and mobile browsers and applications. The solution also generates calls allowing organizations to receive BioCatch risk scores in real-time. The front-end Analyst Station provides off-line analysis of user sessions as well as the capability to generate reports, conduct queries, and more.

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Analyst Station

The BioCatch Analyst Station provides a powerful, visual picture of all session activity and their risk scores so case managers can better detect, protect against and act in the face of cyberthreats.


Invisible Challenges

BioCatch technology looks past information provided by a user to detect criminal behavior, including the use of stolen or synthetic identities, based on the way data is entered into an online application.


Quick Deployment

Deploying BioCatch’s behavioral biometrics technology is easy, only requiring companies to add a simple piece of code to their mobile app or website.


Return on Investment

Implementing a behavioral biometrics fraud solution in many cases could save millions of dollars per month, with very high fraud detection performance rates.