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BioCatch is a digital identity company that delivers behavioral biometrics, analyzing human-device interactions
to protect users and data. See how our customers employ our cloud-based solution to proactively collect and
analyze more than 2000 behavioral parameters to authenticate users and identify cybersecurity threats.

How Synthetic Identity Fraud Happens

Aug. 30, 2018 | Fraud | by BioCatch

Synthetic identity fraud is quickly becoming a devastating source of fraud losses. In 2015, it cost the credit card market $580 million. By 2019, that total is projected to soar to over $1 billion in losses.

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Tackling the Biggest Blind Spots in Fraud Prevention Technology: Q&A with Erin Englund, Threat Analyst at BioCatch

Jul. 25, 2018 | Fraud | by BioCatch

Traditional fraud prevention technology has some glaring blind spots, and fraudsters know full well how to exploit them.

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iOS 12 Security: Why OTP Autofill is a Fraudster’s Best Friend

Jul. 19, 2018 | Fraud, Cybersecurity | by Uri Rivner

Last month Apple revealed a cool feature in iOS 12 security: the device will scan incoming SMS messages for One Time Codes, used for 2FA, and then suggest those codes as an auto-fill function when relevant.

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New Fraud Detection Technology: Traditional Solutions Are Failing

May. 30, 2018 | Fraud, fraud detection | by BioCatch

Traditional Fraud Detection Solutions Are Failing

BioCatch’s unparalleled approach to fraud detection goes beyond traditional tools to detect malware, robotic and aggregator activity, social engineering and other remote access threats, stopping cybercriminals in real-time.

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P2P Fraud & Fake Sellers [Behavioral Biometrics Can Help]

Apr. 20, 2018 | Fraud, Cybersecurity, Featured | by Uri Rivner

Peer to Peer payments have been around since the early days of digital commerce, and mobile P2P passed the $120 billion mark last year. One in three American consumers use P2P apps to make instant payments to friends, relatives, service providers, or anyone they owe money.

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10 Cyber Fraud Predictions for 2018

Jan. 8, 2018 | Fraud, Cybersecurity | by Uri Rivner

2017 seemed a dismal year for cybersecurity. Massive data breaches, new forms of malware and increasingly sophisticated social engineering attacks hit businesses and consumers at a steady pace.

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