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Alternatives to OTP Security and the Rise of Customer Experience

May. 30, 2019 | Authentication, Technology, Continuous Authentication | by BioCatch

Despite their known vulnerabilities, one-time passwords remain one of the most widely used forms of two-factor authentication. From SIM swaps to phishing, malware, and a whole host of man-in-the-middle attacks, weaknesses in OTP security are putting customers, and businesses, at great risk.

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Behavioral Biometrics in a PSD2 World

May. 31, 2018 | Authentication, Technology | by BioCatch

The financial services industry is in the midst of sweeping change. Earlier this year, we saw one of the latest shifts with the introduction of the European Union’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

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The FIDO Standard & Behavioral Biometrics: Paving the Way to a Passwordless World

Mar. 2, 2018 | Technology | by BioCatch

 Passwords are our weakest link in the fight against cybercrime. In 2017, 81% of hacking-related data breaches leveraged either stolen, weak or guessable passwords according to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report.

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How machine learning is driving technological leadership at BioCatch: a Q&A with Dr. Ariel Lubelski

Aug. 17, 2017 | Technology | by BioCatch

Machine learning is a field in computer science that focuses on computational methods to recognize patterns and “learn” to perform tasks without specific programming. When algorithms are exposed to new data, they can autonomously adapt through a wide array of advanced techniques. The ability to perform complex mathematical calculations to extremely large quantities of data is becoming a driving force in the industry, especially in the realm of behavioral biometrics.

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What do Underpants Have to Do With Behavioral Biometrics?

May. 25, 2017 | Technology | by Frances Zelazny

If you were not at the K(NO)W Identity Conference last week in Washington, DC, you are probably wondering what the connection is. In the Tuesday morning keynote address, David Birch of Consult Hyperion not only entertained the audience, but tal

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Quantifying User Behavior: The Data Science Behind Behavioral Biometrics - A Q&A With Shira Mintz

May. 18, 2017 | Behavioral Biometrics, Technology | by BioCatch

In recent years, data science has emerged into the limelight and gained more attentive scrutiny by business leaders, academics and practitioners. Many have opined that this new field has become a driving force in technology markets, generating tremendous innovation and growth. At its core, data science is an interdisciplinary field that employs automated methods to analyze massive amounts of data, incorporating concepts from different disciplines such as: computer science, mathematics, statistics, analytics and modelling.  

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