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BioCatch is a digital identity company that delivers behavioral biometrics, analyzing human-device interactions
to protect users and data. See how our customers employ our cloud-based solution to proactively collect and
analyze more than 2000 behavioral parameters to authenticate users and identify cybersecurity threats.

Scott Levine

Scott Levine

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Welcome to National Cyber Security Awareness Month: 4 Things You Need to Know

Oct. 2, 2017 | Cybersecurity | by Scott Levine

Today marks the start of National Cyber Security Awareness month, held every October since 2004 in the United States and since 2012 in Europe. The National Cyber Security Alliance sponsors this event along with multiple federal agencies to encourage vigilance and protection by all computer users.   

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Faster Payments Phase 2 Hits the U.S.

Sep. 14, 2017 | Fraud, Payments | by Scott Levine

The next phase of faster payments in the U.S. has arrived.  Beginning on September 15, same day payments will be available for virtually any ACH transaction.” This is because Same Day ACH is being opened up for debit entries.

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The Latest Two Factor Authentication Failures that Financial Institutions Can’t Afford to Ignore

Sep. 7, 2017 | Authentication, Continuous Authentication | by Scott Levine

BioCatch has been discussing the limitations of two-factor authentication for awhile, not for the purposes of raising alarm bells, but to offer a unique solution on how to provide a clear sense of security throughout an online session where traditional approaches are failing us.

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People Problems in Cybersecurity

Jun. 22, 2017 | Cybersecurity | by Scott Levine

The National Cyber Security Alliance and NASDAQ recently held a Cybersecurity Summit entitled Solving People Problems in Cybersecurity. At first glance, one may think that the title is strange, that cybersecurity is a technology issue and not a people issue.

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The Blockchain Identity Crisis: Playing with Fire Means You Can Get Burned

Jun. 8, 2017 | Fraud | by Scott Levine

 Blockchain is THE buzzword of the moment. In fact, a recent survey shows that most finance executives think that blockchain technology will be crucial to the financial industry's future. But like all things that are “hot”, playing with fire means you can get burned. For this week’s blog post, we examine what the excitement is all about and how to prevent getting caught up in the blockchain hype without understanding that there are still some risks.

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