What Is Behavioral Biometrics?

Apr. 30, 2018 | by BioCatch

Game-Changing Behavioral Biometrics Technology Delivers Greater Accuracy and Addresses More Use Cases Across the Digital Identity Lifecycle

BioCatch’s AI-driven behavioral biometrics solution is unique in that it goes beyond traditional authentication, leveraging deep domain expertise to help answer the question of whether someone really is who they claim to be when they transact online. More than 2,000 behavioral parameters are collected passively in the background of an online session, revealing powerful insights that support various use cases across the digital lifecycle.

Using advanced machine learning and AI, BioCatch runs in the background of a website or mobile application session, picking up on the attributes that make a person unique. Patented techniques like Invisible Challenges, help to extract unique types of behavioral data, such as tremors and pressure, and to identify sophisticated cyberattacks like vishing scams, device spoofing, malware, bots and remote access attacks. In addition, by understanding how legitimate users and fraudsters behave in the broadest sense, the system can identify anomalies in a session even when no profile exists, such as when a person is applying for a credit card under an assumed identity.

What Makes Our Approach Unique

  • We Go Beyond Authentication – Most behavioral biometrics companies focus only on creating and matching behavioral profiles. BioCatch goes beyond traditional biometrics applications, maintaining generic behavioral repositories of both fraudster and legitimate users to address situations where no user profile exists (i.e., identity proofing) or when behavioral anomalies belie the intent of the authenticated user (such as in vishing scams).

  • We Offer Superior Performance – With more than 2,000 parameters and a broad patent portfolio, the BioCatch solution extracts more data points and unique types of behavioral data than competing solutions. As a result, we achieve greater accuracy with less false positives and more fraud recognized for a 10x-15x return on investment, according to customer provided estimates.

The system is deployed as a cloud-based service, generating real-time risk scores, insights and indicators that are returned via a real-time API. Deployment into web and mobile applications is easy, with seamless integration into rule engines and other third-party platforms. A front-end Analyst Station allows session activity to be viewed offline, along with the capability to generate reports, conduct queries and more.

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