Case Studies

BioCatch plays a key role in strengthening our customers’ security systems and contributes to the bottom line. 
Delve into the world of behavioral biometrics from the eyes of customers.

A Top-5 U.S. Bank Detects TrickBot Malware Attacks with BioCatch’s Behavioral Biometrics Solution

Malware infections and Remote Access Trojan (RAT) attacks are on the rise, enabling cyber criminals to take over accounts from afar and automate fraud. Despite traditional fraud detection measures and cybersecurity safeguards, malware and RAT attacks remain prevalent. Undetected malware attacks can result in direct losses to account holders and have a long-term detrimental effect on business and customer confidence.


A Top-5 Global Credit Card Issuer Detects New Account Fraud and Reduces False Acceptance Rates with Behavioral Biometrics

One of the biggest challenges facing credit card issuers today is balancing security needs and friction-related costs, most notably when it comes to false declines. After deploying BioCatch’s advanced identity proofing technology , one of the world’s most well-known credit card issuers was able to monitor millions of applications while maintaining a 100% seamless user experience for their cardholders. Learn more about how our leading fraud detection solutions eliminate reliance on static identifiers to prevent new account fraud and false declines.


A Top Latin American e-Retailer Detects New Account Fraud with Behavioral Biometrics

One of the major retailers in Latin America experienced a surge in online fraud and review costs. BioCatch was able to detect new user fraud in real-time, lower the review rates considerably, and provide immediate ROI.