Case Studies

BioCatch delivers significant return on investment and delivers on the promise of secure and seamless online experiences.
Delve into the world of behavioral biometrics from the eyes of our customers and see why top tier financial brands choose to work with us.

Zelle Fraud: Fighting Advanced Cyber Crime in a Real Time P2P Scheme

The US banking industry has made a significant leap forward by launching Zelle, a real-time p2p platform for moving money from the user’s bank account to an email/mobile contact. In Q3 2019, Zelle traffic was reported to be 196 million transactions with a volume of $49 billion, and many banks in US are now offering Zelle functionality via their online and mobile banking applications.


Corporate Banking Fraud Detection - 2 Case Studies

Two global financial enterprises providing corporate online banking services had very different issues. The Treasury arm of a top-5 U.S. bank was looking to tighten controls in preparation for Faster Payments, while a Top 5 corporate U.K. bank was looking for a way to address a devastating cyberattack involving advanced malware, remote access and social engineering.


Digital Bank Onboarding Fraud Detection Case Study

As banks evolve to compete in a digital-only world, their top priority is how to gain market share as fast as possible by offering special incentives and making the onboarding process as easy as possible. However, by definition, opening a bank account online is an intricate process, but streamlining it and making it as user friendly as possible, is the key to success.


A Top-5 U.S. Card Issuer Generates 12x ROI by Detecting New Account Fraud and Accepting More Credit Card Applications Automatically

This tier-one credit card issuer suffered from millions of dollars in fraud losses caused by the use of stolen personal information or synthetic IDs in the application process. Their existing fraud detection model was based on traditional means of verifying identity – personal data, device reputation, etc.


Transform Business Processes in Financial Services with AI

With 55 percent of millennials stating that difficulties in resolving problems with their bank are frustrating enough to make them leave and traditional fraud detection measures yielding 30–50 percent false alarm rates,1 BioCatch knew they had to play squarely into next-generation banking approaches to improve business outcomes.


A Top-5 U.S. Bank Detects TrickBot Malware Attacks with BioCatch’s Behavioral Biometrics Solution

Malware infections and Remote Access Trojan (RAT) attacks are on the rise, enabling cyber criminals to take over accounts from afar and automate fraud. Despite traditional fraud detection measures and cybersecurity safeguards, malware and RAT attacks remain prevalent. Undetected malware attacks can result in direct losses to account holders and have a long-term detrimental effect on business and customer confidence.