Reduce fraud and increase security with passive, user and criminal profiling.  


Consumers are more active online than ever, and the growing traffic volume represents greater opportunities for cyber criminals. In the United States alone, the number of identity fraud victims has topped 13 million, while the fraud amount was estimated at $15 billion. Multifactor authentication is not enough to address the threat.

BioCatch protects the integrity of a session after the login. Unlike other traditional authentication solutions, our approach is totally invisible and is active throughout an online session to authenticate users and detect threats without requiring secret questions or other interruptions to the user experience..

Analyzing over 500 parameters, BioCatch creates a unique user profile that cannot be lost, stolen, or imitated. Simultaneously, the platform is able to detect robotic activity, RATs, malware and other non-human intrusions. This results in an extremely accurate result that generates a very low false alarm rate.


  • 230,000 new malware samples launched each day
  • 59% people share access credentials
  • 466,065 unique phishing sites observed in Q2 2016, an all-time high
  • 68% of funds lost to cyberattacks were declared unrecoverable


BioCatch’s Benefits

Frictionless. Offering complete transparency while remaining nonintrusive to the end user, this is a form of identification that cannot be lost, imitated or stolen and that doesn’t infringe on user privacy.

Easy Integration. Employing the BioCatch platform only requires embedding a small JavaScript on the online web site.

Proactive. Using machine learning to model behaviors, BioCatch can detect a genuine user from a fake one in real-time. Quickly identifying anomalies and characteristics indicative of fraud, BioCatch sends actionable alerts.

Reliable. Highly accurate, continuous detection makes payments safer and more secure 

BioCatch Behavioral Authentication






  • Transparent continuous authentication
  • Automatic user profiling  
  • New device/location verification 
  • Enhanced mobile authentication  






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