Continuous Authentication

From login to logout, BioCatch works passively in the background to enable a seamless and uninterrupted online session, matching more than 2,000 behavioral patterns to verify a user’s identity and provide the ultimate security.

Redefining Digital Identity with Behavioral Biometrics

Most users are familiar with the different forms of verification needed to login to their computers, access their email accounts or open their company’s shared server. But in most of these instances, the user authenticates once, leaving these systems vulnerable to security breaches for the remainder of the session. Continuous authentication with behavioral biometrics is a new capability that uses a person’s behavior to continuously verify their identity throughout a session — not just at the entry login point.

How Does BioCatch Provide Continuous Authentication?

  • The solution selects 20 unique features from 2,000+ behavioral profiling metrics to create a user profile. The BioCatch behavioral profile is based on physical factors, including left/right handedness, press-size, hand tremors, and pressure, as well as cognitive factors, such as eye-hand coordination, usage preferences and device interaction patterns.
  • The technology analyzes user behaviors in context and session data is compared to the genuine user’s profile.
  • BioCatch provides a risk score in real-time that can be used as a standalone factor or in combination with other passive factors.

Benefits of the BioCatch Solution


It's Frictionless

Behavioral biometrics work passively in the background without disrupting the user experience, making it easier to apply step-up authentication requirements based on risk, and de-escalating where there is a high assurance of the proper user inside a session.


It's More Secure

Our solution is applied continuously for greater security than traditional authentication measures, such as geolocation, device fingerprinting, tokens or SMS notifications, can offer. These solutions are easily circumvented by fraudsters. BioCatch provides session integrity from login to logout.


It's Highly Accurate

Our solution leverages highly-advanced machine learning algorithms to create and strengthen a user profile over time. Once established, the system can detect anomalies and suspicious behavior at an extremely high-level of accuracy and low rate of false positives.
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